Evisa is a real-time, MIDI, software music synthesizer.It runs on Windows (95/98/Me/2000/XP) and needs to have DirectX 8 runtime installed. It has been written using VisualC++6. Evisa is the name of my dog, and also a village located in Corsica.

The following MIDI events are supported::

  • Note ON (with vélocity)

  • Note OFF,

  • Sustain pedal,

  • Channel aftertouch,

  • Key aftertouch,

  • Pitchbend,

  • Modulation,

  • Volume,

  • Pan.

This program can also be driven by an external keyboard, or a local sequencer (in this case you'll need a software like Hubi's Loopback or Midi Yoke).

A "keyboard toolbar" is also provided on the graphic interface.

This synthesizer is multitimbral (max: 16 parts), each part working in one of the following modes:

  • Monophonic, with glide (portamento),

  • Polyphonic, with a max of 16 voices by part.

16 patches can be stored for each document.

The following sample frequencies are supported:

  • 22050 Hz,

  • 24000 Hz,

  • 44100 Hz,

  • 48000 Hz.

In 8 bits or 16 bits. Internal operations are done on 32 bits.

The following effects are available:

  • Reverb,

  • Echo,

  • Chorus,

  • Flanger.

The actual version of Evisa is 1.0. Only one type of document is avalaible: "Analog Synthesizer". It's an analog synthesizer model, composed by:

  • 2 Oscillators (VCO),

  • A ring modulator (Ring),

  • A noise generator (Noise)

  • A mixer (Mixer),

  • A lowpass filter, 12dB/Octave or 24dB/Octave, with resonnance (VCF),

  • A amplificator (VCA),

  • A low frequency oscillator (LFO) controled by modulation wheel,

  • 2 enveloppes (ampli: AEG and filter: FEG),

This is a screenshot of the interface (click on it to have a larger view):

These are audio examples (8bits at 22050Hz: bad quality but better for slow connections). I think that a better result can be obtained with the program:

  • Ringmod: Ring modulation.

  • Bach: A short 16 bits audio example.

This is version 1.0 of the program:

At startup, it will create wavetables in a sub-directory of the installation directory (one time for each sample rate). These tables can take about 40Mo on hard disk. To use the program, select an audio output (devices...) and click on the start button (or press F5).

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